Freshman Max Bueltel (22) started the year off as the quarterback for Jasper’s freshmen team, but circumstances gave way to him getting the varsity job for the Wildcats, and he’s gone 2-1 so far.

JASPER — Everything seems out of the ordinary when it comes to Max Bueltel.

Bueltel began the season quarterbacking for Jasper’s freshmen team, as had been the plan, but things don’t always go accordingly. An injury to senior quarterback Grant Young early in the season altered things for the Wildcats, who gave some reps to junior Carter Holsworth. Holsworth had been on the depth chart as a potential quarterback option, but he shifted to running back for the Week Four game at Evansville Bosse, as suddenly, Jasper turned its keys to the offense over to Bueltel just weeks into his high school career.