Rockport Elementary teacher Lori Kenney was recognized by Superintendent Brad Schneider at the May school board meeting.

REO — During the South Spencer School Board meeting, several South Spencer middle school students of the month were recognized. A Rockport Elementary teacher was recognized during the meeting as well.

Middle school Principal Scot French explained that each month, the teachers select boys and girls from each grade level to be nominated as students of the month. These are students that do what they are supposed to, they are working hard, listening to their teachers, and do their best each and every day.

These students are not only recognized but given a student of the month T-shirt, given a certificate, and the students are taken to Texas Roadhouse each semester.

The sixth grade students of the month for second semester are Jackson Davis, Autumn English, Desirae Harrison, Emily Hein, Audrey Houston, Colby Lindsey, Ty Pickerill, Brylee Roos, Alex Swanker, and Jaxton Trogden. Both Autumn and Colby were present at the meeting and came before the board at the podium to be congratulated.

The seventh grade students of the month are Kobey Adcock, Alexianna Blair, Morgan Hasty, Detravion Lance, Addison Ling, Jayden Ohrt, Bentlee Parm, Madalyn Schwoeppe, Hunter Skeels, and Bryn Wheatley. Madalyn was also present at the meeting and congratulated.

The eighth grade students of the month are Jeff Frobeter, Hazel Horton, Olivia Kelley, Taylor Kelley, Madalyn McBride,Brooklyn Nelson, Dakota Newman, Rylan Orange, Amera Rogers-Tooley, and Lyric Shirel.

Next, fourth grade teacher Lori Kenney was recognized as the May Education Hero of the Month by the because we care community.

On their website it states that Lori has been teaching fourth grade at Rockport Elementary for the last 20 years. Her goal as a teacher is to build positive lasting relationships with her students. She wants them to understand that she will do her best given the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at school. But she is there to give them support and encouragement in their life goals and dreams as well.

South Spencer Superintendent Brad Schnieder added that teaching is a tough job and it requires a great deal of effort, energy, and compassion for your students. He congratulated Kenney on receiving teacher of the month.

Other business

Board member George Schwoeppe made the motion upon the recommendation of the superintendent to approve the hire of Rob Schulte as SSHS Varsity Basketball Coach effective for the 2023-24 season. His motion was seconded by board member Melissa Middleton. The motion carried with one abstain.

Board member Tyler Hermann made the motion upon the recommendation of the superintendent to approve the hiring of a summer elementary IRead teacher to submit retake assessments from May 22 to May 26. His motion was seconded by Schwoeppe. The motion carried.

Board member Middleton made the motion upon the recommendation of the superintendent to approve the AED Defibrillator donation agreement from the Ohio Township Fire Department and the Luce Fire Territory. Her motion was seconded by Hermann. The motion passed.

The board approved the overnight trip for the Academic Team to travel to Purdue University from May 5-6.

The board approved the FFA overnight trip to Tippecanoe County Fairgrounds for the state livestock judging contest from May 19-20.

The board approved the boys basketball teams’ out of state transportation request to Hancock County High School on June 19.

The board also approved of the following personnel recommendations:

• Josh Stienecker as SSHS Special Education Teacher effective August 7.

• Amy Chapman as Indiana Literacy Cadre Coach at Luce Elementary effective 2023-34 school year.

• Jami Denham as Indiana Literacy Cadre Coach at Rockport Elementary effective 2023-24 school year.

• Hillary Hutchinson from Luce 12 month custodian to Luce 10 month custodian effective 2023-24 school year.

• Tonya Rickard-Becker as Luce 10 month custodian to Luce Elementary cook effective 2023-24 school year.

• Stephanie Jesse for summer bus cleaning effective May 22.

• Matt Martin as the SSHS Student Council Sponsor effective 2023-24 school year.

• Lalenia Mettle as the SSHS Key Club Sponsor effective 2023-24 school year.

• Madalyn Boswell as the SSHS JV Volleyball Coach effective 2023-24 season.

• Bettina Martin from 12 month SSHS custodian to 10 month SSHS custodian effective June 2.

• Morgan Connell as Rockport Elementary Special Education teacher effective Aug. 7.

• Kayley Schaefer as Rockport Elementary Intervention t4eacher effective Aug 7.