TELL CITY — Rylie Schroeder over this last season managed to be involved with three sports. As she is getting ready for what will be her senior year, she completed with what she calls the most difficult year of high school so far, her junior year.

Schroeder in volleyball adjusted her role last season to benefit the team and in basketball, she was getting better by the end of the season. As she discussed her junior year, she said the key became time management.

“This year as a junior, I have really had to step up my game with time management,” Schroeder said. “As this year has progressed, I have come to realize that people weren’t lying when they say junior year is the hardest year of high school. Between sports and school, I’ve had to balance my time to both so I can produce in both extracurricular activities and academics.”

Now as a senior, Schroeder has one year to be her best not only athletically but in the classroom. Schroeder outside of sports is involved with multiple clubs at the school, and that is on top of what she needs to do for the classroom.

“ I’ve come to realize that my time at Tell City High School is coming to an end here soon,” Schroeder said. “ With having one more year left, I’ve really been thinking about what I can do to make Tell City a better place to be and the impact I can leave behind. Other than playing three sports, I am also involved in student council, pep club, Spanish club, National Honor Society, junior class treasurer, and a Rising Star for Tell City. Not only do I take time to succeed in sports but I also spend time in the classroom working to keep my grades where I want them.”

For sports, she describes her three that she is involved in as totally different which means different practice regimen.

I play volleyball, basketball, and softball,” Schroeder said. “These are three totally different sports, and you have to be prepared for each in a different way. During volleyball season I have to be quick on my feet and precise when setting the ball. When basketball season rolls around I need to be in really good shape to run up and down the court for 32 minutes. When it’s softball season, I have to work on pitching balls into correct spots and getting my spins right in order to confuse the batter. I also have to make sure I’m working hard in each sport to compete with other teams.”