Reece Davis

Reece Davis on Feb. 9 signed to play for the Dubois County Bombers.

TELL CITY — Reece Davis, a Perry Central graduate, signed to play for the Dubois County Bombers and will look to bring his experience from playing in the Ohio Valley League with the Owensboro River Dawgs.

Davis, is someone who has dreamed of playing for the Bombers. This year, he now will be calling it home and is excited about the opportunity.

“It is awesome,” Davis said. “I always grew up watching them play. Now, being out there is going to be great. They have their new owners (Justin Knepp, Ara Knepp, and Barton Lewis). I like what they are doing there. This will be a great experience for me.”

Davis reached out to the Bombers to play on the team this season. He expressed interest about the thought of playing there and it all got done in a phone call.

“I expressed interest in being on the team,” Davis said. “They reached out to me, called me on the phone and they told me they want me to come play for them. It is a hard thing to pass up.”

Davis, in transitioning to this new team, will be focusing on making the team better and for him to be improved. He also hopes to bring an Ohio Valley League Championship to Dubois.

“I want to make myself and the team better,” Davis said. “I hope to bring a championship to Dubois and I hope to be a leader out there.”

Davis believes that playing in this league last year gives him an upper hand. He knows what teams will be looking to do, and he is familiar with the competition.

“I know a lot of people that are going to be on the Bombers and that are going to play on other teams,” Davis said. “I know how the pitching will be.”

He also looks forward to being a little closer to family and Perry County citizens coming out to watch him play. Davis as he signed Feb. 9, has heard from plenty of people.

“I love it,” Davis said. “A lot of people have been talking to me about coming out to watch me play there because the atmosphere is so awesome there. Knowing someone on the team that they can watch, it is a big help and it is awesome that a lot of people want to support me. I also have a lot of family in Ferdinand.”

Lastly, Davis hopes that he can be an inspiration towards kids in Perry County who hope to have a athletic career that goes beyond high school.

“I want to be an inspiration for kids and other people to live their dream like I am right now,” Davis said. “Playing on this team is one of them.