ST. MEINRAD — Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative (d.b.a. PSC) is proud to announce and celebrate its 70th anniversary of serving our community and achieving remarkable milestones.

Over the past 70 years, PSC has been dedicated to fostering collaboration, unity, and economic empowerment among our members. We have successfully built a strong network of individuals, businesses, and organizations, all working together towards a common goal of shared prosperity and sustainable growth.

Since our establishment in 1953, PSC has remained committed to our core values of cooperation, democracy, and membership. Through these principles, we have not only thrived as an organization but have also positively impacted the lives of our members and broader community.

Throughout our journey, we have achieved significant accomplishments, including:

1. In the 1970’s touch-tone dialing was made available and in 1979, Indiana’s first digital switch was placed in service in the Holland exchange.

2. In the late 1980’s, Perry-Spencer deployed its first fiber optic cable. The 1990’s brought the Internet in the form of dial-up Internet access that began the Internet revolution in all its forms. The Perry-Spencer Communications subsidiary was created at this time to facilitate filling communication needs outside of the Cooperative area, plus bring revenue and diversity to the Cooperative.

3. In 2002, Perry-Spencer and 21 Indiana independent telephone companies formed the Indiana Fiber Network creating a statewide fiber optic network.

4. In 2004, Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative and Perry-Spencer Communications together began doing business as PSC.

5. During the mid-2000’s, PSC deployed a regional fiber optic network offering managed Internet data services to businesses, schools, libraries, and health care. During this same time, PSC also began its deployment of Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) services beginning in the Ferdinand area, which continued with subsequent FTTH deployments in the Tell City, Huntingburg and Troy communities.

6. In 2010 PSC began its complete FTTH overbuild of our entire Cooperative serving area starting with Christmas Lake Village in Santa Claus. Today, PSC is nearing the completion of 30% of the Cooperative area with construction of the Bandon exchange.

7. Today with over 10,000 fiber connected locations and over 3,300 miles of fiber and growing, PSC is responding to the

increasingly high data consumption resulting from the proliferation of networking devices in the home.

These milestones are a testament to the unwavering commitment and collective efforts of our members, staff, and partners who have played a vital role in shaping PSC into what it is today.

We thank everyone who joined us in celebrating this momentous occasion at our Annual Membership Meeting and to recognize the power of the cooperative during positive change. Together we will continue to create opportunities, foster inclusivity, and build a brighter future for all.

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PSC provides the latest in broadband communication services, including telephone, high-speed Internet access via fiber optics, DSL, high-speed data services and streaming local broadcast TV.

Composed of two companies, Perry-Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc., the product and service offerings have made a significant impact on our communities throughout Spencer, Perry and Dubois counties.

In 2005 Perry-Spencer RTC and its subsidiary Perry-Spencer Communications, Inc., adopted a new logo and name to help our customers identify all our product offerings under one identity — PSC.


Providing members/customers with responsive, high quality communications services, honestly, ethically, professionally and with integrity.


PSC will build upon our regional presence and become the areas preeminent telecommunications provider offering a full array of services, including, voice, high-speed Internet and video.

We will always be mindful of our commitment to our communities, our members and customers, and our employees.