LEOPOLD — For the Commodores Friday, their game at home against Tecumseh had a lot of stake. Rankings, and undefeated records would be affected and the Commodores finished on the short end of it. However, they want to quickly flip the page.

As a whole, Perry Central did not start off the game very well. At halftime, they were down 10-0 and nothing seemed to be going there way. The running game could not get going, and they struggled stopping the Tecumseh offense as they put up 37 points. For Greg Gibson, he wanted his guys after the game to only think about it for 24 hours.

“That is something we have talked about all the time,” Gibson said. “Even when we win, it is 24 hours. You can celebrate or pout, whatever it needs to be. On Sunday, we turn the page and start watching our next team.”

For Gibson, the game for the Commodores was not ideal. There were many mistakes such as interceptions, fumbles, and penalties. The Commodores before this game did not have many turnovers, and he believes his group can learn from this experience.

“It was not a great game and not the outcome we wanted,” Gibson said. “We made a lot of mistakes that we normally do not make. But that is a very good football team. They are undefeated for a reason and we can learn a lot.”

The Commodores also are keeping in mind that their biggest games are down the road. Conference games are starting to heat up for Perry Central, and that is their focus.

“We still have three conference games out there,” Gibson said. “We are in the driver’s seat right now...”

The players for Perry Central such as Adam Goffinet shared similar sentiments to Gibson after their loss. He believes that after games like this, they can not hang their heads down when things are not ideal.

“We just got to keep our head up,” Goffinet said. “Even if things are not going our way, keeping our body language positive. Once you start getting down, it is hard to bring yourself back up. It is easy when you are up 30 to have a positive attitude. But when you are down, it is a lot harder.”

Perry Central’s next game will be Friday at 6:30 p.m. on the road against Clarksville.