Submitted by Gina Obrecht Logan

I should have written this letter 25 years ago.

My parents were from Perry County, and I grew up spending a lot of time making memories there. My husband and I made one of our occasional pilgrimages this past weekend so that I could reminisce about a fun childhood. He is a patient man.

My mom was Viola Bolin from Cannelton. It’s nice to see the Cotton Mill, where her father John worked so hard to support a young family during the Depression, thriving again. I miss seeing the old Sunlight Hotel, but it was in sad disrepair and needed to be torn down. Cliffside Cemetery is well tended and there were flowers at my grandparents’ graves. That was nice.

My dad was Stanley Obrecht Jr. from Tell City. I love that Tell City High School still uses the beautiful building where he was a very handsome yell leader. The old Glow Room where he had many good times looks gorgeous, and the lady who lives there is gracious and kind.

But alas all was not fine. How can the once grand Obrecht house be in such a state of neglect? Although my sister and I have had nothing to do with it for over 40 years, it’s an upsetting embarrassment to us. Our memories of the house are not affected by how it looks today, but how can the city allow it to languish so? The Obrecht name was an important one to the growth of Tell City, and those men (Johannes, AC, and Stanley Sr) deserve better. The people of Tell City deserve better — it’s across the street from the Visitor’s Bureau!

My parents love story was a storybook tale really. She was a poor girl from Cannelton who fell in love with a rich boy from Tell City. When I visit Perry County I want a happier ending than that wrecked shell of a house allows. The city needs to order it to be demolished.