Our sympathy to the family of Walter B. Lambert who passed away June 7, 2022; among his career in music, he was well known here a sthe owner of the Dairy Queen in Tell City for 22 years of management. Funeral services for Walter were held at St. Paul Catholic Church June 23, with burial in Greenwood Cemetery, Tell City, may he rest in peace along with all who have went before.

Congratulations to Beverly Guillaume and Debby Kelly on their retirement of Guillaume’s Store on June 10, when the ownership changed hands to Mark and Jessica Grossman and Bill and Christ Nesmith. Thanks to all the Guillaume family for providing a much needed general store to the community and countryside around Leopold for 63 years. Enjoy your future!

Thanks to the agencies of S.H.I.P., Aseracare and Angels for sponsoring information on Alzheimer’s and dementia, birthday celebration and exercising the brain with word games, respectively, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this past week wit the help of Jane Hayden, who called “bingo” afterwards; she is such a blessing to us.

Friday evening, I was invited to go to karaoke at Nightlife Café with Travis and JoAnna Sommer and family, where Lori and Ronnie, Tory and Gabby Stowe joined us later. It was a fun night with family singing a big variety of songs, something for young and old alike.

After Mass Saturday at 4 p.m., I was invited to a Father’s Day celebration at Peggy’s with her family. Later, we all went to St. Mary’s Cemetery at Derby to honor our fathers who have all gone before. Later, Tammy and Byron got everything ready for outdoor movie night, “Jaws” being the selection for the kids to watch while swimming.

Happy anniversary to Larry and Marlene James who celebrated their 50th Saturday afternoon with their family and friends at St. Augustine Catholic Church and a dinner afterwards. This is always wonderful to see nowadays, as it should be!