Well, the Dogwood Tour has come and gone for aanother year but we are just beginning the usual festivals around the county, as well as church picnics.

There was a big crowd at Rome. I drove through German Ridge and Rome, as well as Leopold earlier but didn’t see the dogwoods at full bloom yet. The redbud trees, though, were beautiful against the dark green of the cedar trees in all those areas and the wild phlox was also blooming at the edge of the wooded areas, which made for a nice drive. Dogwoods might be pretty in those areas next week or so.

I got to visit with my family Saturday and Sunday both, stopping by their homes Sunday; and Saturday was our lady’s day out for our family.

This time, some had to work, so we had two vehicles full. It was my granddaughter’s , Tammy Harrington, birthday and she chose O’Charley’s in Corydon to eat lunch. Before lunch, we wentot he Red Bard Antiques, Walmart, Pet Store and Dollar Tree. Some went to the craft show at the fairgrounds, while Lori took me to a music store (Conrad’s) and she went to a bank but we were all back together for a leisure lunch together.

There is a new business on Deer Creek or County Road 5, named Deer Creek Custom LLC. They have very nice metal art and handmade crafts, among other items. The company phone number is 812-836-2512 for anyone who wants more information. Check it out!

Happy birthday wishes go out on May 1 to Sherry Fulton; May 4, to Trenton Allen; and May 6, to Sophia Jalow and June Schank. Have a great day, all, and enjoy it!

Happy anniversary goes out on May 3 to my son, Kenny and Pam Sommer; and May 10, to Brandon and Amber Taylor. May God bless you with many more years to celebrate this, and congratulations!

Herbie Siebert’s family was home for Easter Sunday, visiting once again.

JoAnna and Travis had her family for lunch on Easter Sunday. They also invited me to join them. Saturday evening, my daughter, Peggy, invited me for their family’s Easter supper, as did my grandson, Carl “Aaron” and Brooklyn for lunch on Saturday as well.

Thanks to all. It was very good.