My peppers are actually looking pretty good this year. I was careful not to set them out too early during this year’s cool spring (peppers do not like cool temperatures and will be stunted, just like tomatoes, if they are exposed to such) but I am usually patient and I usually end up with stunted plants that look blight by mid-July. I think I am going to have some peppers this year!

About 45 years ago a fungus was discovered in pepper crops in New York and since it has spread as far as California and Florida. It has been in our midst for a while, now, with proof in my pepper patch aver the last few years. The fungus in question causes phytophthora blight in peppers. Some refer to the sudden wilting of peppers as damping off, phytophthora root rot, crown rot or stem and fruit rot. Clearly the fungus impacts the entire plant. I first had a problem with this blight in my pepper patch about 10 years ago, rainy summers seem to make it worse.