and Caleb Lynn

PERRY COUNTY — Mayor Chris Cail sat in at a Kiwanis club meeting and filled everyone in on what is happening in Tell City right now. Cail said that the city is doing about $800,000 in paving going on in the city right now. He asks for patience from the community since this is the most paving that has been done in a long while. Highway 66 is getting paved through INDOT, which is through the state, from Taco Bell to Chuckles on the main strip. There will also be more ramps being done and even the traffic signals will be updated.

Washington Street from Twelfth Street will be getting a makeover as well. This will include sidewalk replacements, lamppost and more. There was a grant that was put in to pave Washington but it wasn’t approved. The city plans to apply again.

There will also be a sidewalk project from Jefferson Street to Thirty-seven Street on Main Street as well. All the beautiful trees will be replaced with new ones. Most of them are well over grown and some are dead. Cail said those have to come out, but they will be replaced. Also the sidewalks and lamppost will be replaced in this area as well.

Another city project that will be coming in the near future involves making the city more foot traffic friendly. There will be a sidewalk project on the side of the street that Wendy’s is located. There will be a six-foot sidewalk put in from that area all the way to Burgling Hills. It will cross over Windy Creek over to Long John Silvers. This will help with foot traffic and to keep the citizens safe who travel by means other than vehicles.

The next update was the news on the new pool. Cail said there was a great turnout for the opening weekend. There were over 200 swimmers in attendance on Saturday alone. There is still need for lifeguards.

The mayor then transitioned over into discussions on the new sports complex that will be coming to Tell City. There is still need for more funding but Cail is confident that it is something that the city can make happen based off of preliminary discussions. It may be possible to start the construction of the roads to get to the complex this year, but that is still to be determined.

The other big project involves the old German American bank. Construction will begin this year to transform the old building into a new senior center. This will replace the old location of the William Tell Center. The inspiration on the design of the interior came from hotels that Cail had seen in Savannah, Ga. It will be an open room concept so there will be plenty of room to still host dances. Cail wants to make sure that the project is done with local businesses.

In further news involving Tell City and Perry County happenings Perry County Parks and Recreation have had two meetings in the last three months. One happened on April 13 and the other took place on June 8. Here is what to know from those meetings.

In April, the discussions that president Calvin Cash led included discussions with the Rome Wilkerson Park, reinforced help, and Eagles Bluff. When discussing Rome Wilkerson Park, the park now has a new border. Furthermore, mulch has been delivered to the park but one of the pieces of border has been run over. In addition, Hendershot also plans to contact Blue Moon to help figure out issues with the men’s restroom at Rome Wilkerson. Lastly, the Eagle’s Bluff restroom will be getting parts to help the restroom install.

June with this discussion for Wilkerson Park included further discussion with the border in Rome Wilkerson Park. For example, assistant Phil Scheutter suggested to use wood to replace the plastic tunnel and Cash thought using composite on the flooring might help. The restrooms in Rome Wilkerson also had a Plexiglas window, which fell out. That led to Hendershot wanting to install clear Plexiglas for visibility.