Maddie Dawson

Maddie Dawson hopes to be able to improve off the team’s 13-11 season from last year.

TELL CITY — Maddie Dawson, as mentioned in Monday’s paper, is now the Tell City softball coach. For Dawson, she is already thinking about what her first season will be like. Her hope is that as a program they continue to improve and believe they can beat anyone.

Dawson when she first found out the job became hers, did not necessarily know how to describe the feeling of getting it. All she knew was that this is something she has always wanted to do.

“The moment is a little hard to describe, but I realized I was fulfilling one of my goals in life and I was excited and proud,” Dawson said. “To be the head coach of a softball team that has so much potential in a community where hard work is a way of life is very exciting to be able to see what the girls do.”

For Dawson, she is coming into this position with an understanding of so many of the girls on the team. She was the assistant softball coach under Maggie Schuetter, and she has also coached in the Tell City girls basketball program. She believes that her relationships with these girls can be helpful for her in this transition.

“Someone who knows the girls and who sees them every single day is important in building relationships with them. I will be able to get to know them on a more personal level and that will be extremely helpful when coaching them. Having a relationship with the girls will help me be able to coach them and help them succeed in practices, games and even life.”

The thought process for Dawson for heading into this job, came through her college experience playing softball at Kentucky Wesleyan College. She did not want to leave the game of softball, and coaching seemed to be a way that she could still be part of the game. Her staff that will be joining alongside her include Josh Ford and Hayley Miller. Ford, is someone who has coached middle school softball and played baseball at Tell City. Miller, played at Tell City and then played at Kentucky Wesleyan.

As she is solidifying her staff, the season is a long way out. In fact, it does not begin until March. They want to make sure they are in every game, and never get beat before they step on the field. The concepts that Dawson wants to focus on include Intensity, composure, and enthusiasm. With this mindset, they believe things will switch.

“There were several times that we lost during the season that I believe we lost before we ever stepped on the field,” Dawson said. “I want to get those thoughts out of their head and I want them to understand that if they give their team 100%... I want to be a contender in sectionals. My goal is to eventually bring a sectional title and more to the Tell City schools and softball program.”