TELL CITY- Tell City will be having a new girls golf coach as Jake Napier resigned after one season. Furthermore, Holly Richardson will look to bring her experience as a coach in three other sports into a new role.

How did getting this opportunity come about for you?

“There was a need. I volunteered to fill it. I am excited about it. It is something new. I have coached three sports in the high school and junior high for Tell City for many years. I am not new to coaching but I am going to be new with coaching golf.”

For you to have this opportunity to coach again, was it an itch that you had to want to get back into coaching? Was it just a perfect situation?

“I enjoy golf a lot myself and it seemed like the right time. I thought I would give it a try.

What are you wanting to bring to the Tell City girls program under your leadership?

I would like it to become something where more girls would want to participate in. I want the girls to know the sport… We are going to be very young. I want them to have fun, enjoy the game and learn and improve so that we eventually become competitive.

How do you think your previous experiences will help you in this job?

I am a teacher also. I understand the structure of how things work. I want to teach the girls the game. Golf is a lifetime sport. I want them to learn it, enjoy it, and continue playing it throughout their lifetime.

You are well connected in the community and people may know you as teacher Holly Richardson, but what do you want the community to know about you and your personality as a coach?

Everybody in this community knows me. I have taught at the school for 27 years. I think everyone knows I am very competitive, yet fair and passionate person when it comes to athletics.”