LEOPOLD — Perry Central boys and girls basketball finished with one athlete from both teams making the Patoka Lake Athletic Conference All-Conference teams. Cohen Edwards and Maggie Cunningham were the athletes voted to the team.

Girls team

The girls all-conference team is made of 12 players. The players that made the team with Cunningham include Callie Alston (Orleans), Ryleigh Anderson (Paoli), Brynne Buchanan (Springs Valley), Maddie Carnes (Springs Valley), Jackie Crews (Paoli), Meredith Deaton (West Washington), Carley Higgins (Paoli), Emily Kerce (Crawford County), Brooklyn Petersen (Mitchell), Mylea Sloan (Mitchell), and Maddyson Sturgeon (Crawford County).

Alston for Orleans is the only girls basketball player from Orleans on this year’s team. Alston, a freshman, scored 11 points a game while securing six rebounds per contest. She also averaged two steals and a block in 25 games. In her first five games, she scored in double digits and made 50% or more of her shots in each game. Orleans finished 12-13 overall.

Paoli’s girls basketball team finished with three players making the team which is the most from any school in this year’s all-conference team. Ryleigh Anderson for Paoli, a senior, finished with 8 points, six rebounds, three assists, and a block. Jackie Crews for the Rams led the team in scoring with 15 points a contest. She also finished with three rebounds, and two assists. Crews like Anderson is a senior. Lastly, Carley Higgins made the team and averaged nine points, six rebounds, and three assists. She also averaged two steals a contest. Higgins is a junior.

Springs Valley finished with two players making the team. Brynne Buchanan and Maddie Carnes are representing the Blackhawks who won the conference by having a 5-1 conference record. The Blackhawks overall finished with a 16-8 record.

Maggie Cunningham is the lone representative for the Commodores. She helped the team have a record of 2-4 in conference and an overall record of 6-17. Cunningham led the Commodores in points by averaging nine points a game. She also led the team in rebounding with eight a game. One of her stronger games of the season includes her game Feb. 5 against Tell City. Cunningham scored eight points and grabbed 10 rebounds in the contest. She also had four steals.

West Washington like Perry Central finished with one player making the all-conference team. That player for the Senators, is Meredith Deaton of West Washington. Deaton, a freshman, averaged 12 points, six rebounds, and two steals. The senators overall record finished at 8-15 overall with a 1-5 conference record.

Lastly to the round out the team, two players from Crawford County and two from Mitchell made the squad. Those players include Brooklyn Petersen and Mylea Sloan from Mitchell, and Crawford County’s Emily Kerce and Maddyson Sturgeon.

Mitchell finished the season with a 4-18 overall record and 2-4 in conference. Crawford County’s overall record stopped at 13-9 while going 4-2 in conference play.

Boys team

The boys team also has 12 players who made all-conference. Those 12 players including Edwards are Carter Allen (Orleans), Xavier Alston (Orleans), Kenton Chase (West Washington), Fletcher Cole (Paoli), Isaac Cornett-McBride (Paoli), Deion Edwards (Springs Valley), Ian Hall (Orleans), Lane Hoefler (West Washington), Isaac Nickelson (Crawford County), Trey Rominger (Paoli), and Ben Seitzinger (Mitchell).

Orleans and Paoli each finished with three players on the conference team. Carter Allen for Orleans made the team and averaged seven points with four assists this season as a junior. Xavier Alston, also a junior, averaged 10 points with six rebounds. Lastly, Ian Hall scored 12 points, secured four rebounds, and averaged three assists in his junior year. Orleans went undefeated in the conference and had a record of 22-4.

Paoli’s three athletes who made it include Fletcher Cole, Isaac Cornett-McBride, and Trey Rominger. The Rams record this season finished at 17-6 with a 5-1 conference record.

West Washington finished with two athletes making the all-conference team including Kenton Chase and Lane Hoefler. Chase and Hoefler helped lead the Senators to a 11-12 record with 3-3 in conference play.

Cohen Edwards made the team for the Commodores and averaged 11.4 points a game while getting four rebounds. Edwards and the Commodores finished with a record of 7-17 overall with a 2-4 in conference record. Against Springs Valley on Dec. 16, Cohen Edwards had a double double by scoring 18 points along with 10 rebounds. Edwards wrapped up his sophomore season.

Deion Edwards, a sophomore at Springs Valley, made the team and averaged 18 points, seven rebounds, and two assists for the Blackhawks. Edwards and his team had an overall record of 8-16 while going 3-3 in conference play.

Crawford County was represented by Isaac Nickelson. Nickelson finished his senior season with averages of 18 points, six rebounds, and two assists. The Wolfpack’s overall record on the year was 7-17 and 1-5 in conference.

Lastly, Mitchell’s Ben Seitzinger made the all-conference team. Seitzinger helped Mitchell have a 7-19 overall record and the team went 1-5 in conference play.