Revolution underway in America

There is a civil war going on in the United States of America.

Progressive are forcing this difficult challenge on the rest of us. They have initiated a revolution to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and they are determined to cancel our rights as American citizens.

Progressive detests our freedoms. Atheists do not believe we should worship God. They are not happy that we can protest and petition our governments.

Progressive really detest the 10th Amendment and states’ rights. They want to federal government to be in charge of everything. A recent example is the jab mandate. This is authorized in the constitution as a power that properly belongs to the states. That’s why we see the courts declaring the mandates unconstitutional.

Another feature of the American Constitution the 9th Amendment which states; The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

This amendment gives parents the right to control their own children.

Progressives go on and on about the right to control women’s bodies when it comes to abortion, but freak out because other people are saying they have a right to control their bodies relative to the vaccine mandate.

And of course, progressives fear the 2nd Amendment. They know this right to bear arms protects the rest of our rights in the United States Constitution.

How will you protect your rights as a citizen? What will your response be to the revolution they forced upon us? Will you resist the vaccine mandate? Will you allow your children to be taught Critical Race theory, which I believe posits that all white people are racists, and all others are victims? If you are to protect your God-given rights, you must appeal to Jesus Christ for intervention on his behalf to protect you from evil.

Michael Lewinski, Jasper