Hadi Shrine Circus a jewel of the Tri-State

The Hadi Shriner Circus was a hit again! I was fortunate enough to attend the Hadi Shriner Circus on Thanksgiving Day. It’s amazing how the Shriners make many families and children feel as they go through hardships at different times over their lives.

The Shriners have such a remarkable sense of humor, and quick wit, which I found refreshing when I was a Shriners patient in St. Louis for many years. Their generosity, commitment, and dedication to giving was far more than I could have ever expected. Throughout my time as a Shriners patient, I have had the most incredible experiences, met the best people while going through some of the most trying and challenging situations. The Shriners never let anyone dull their sparkle that shines through their awesome personality and spirits!

Thank you again to all the Shriners who are always so selfless and giving of their time. You have inspired me to be all that I am, all that God has called me to be.

The Hadi Shrine Circus has been a jewel of the Tri-State for close to 80 years. With thousands of performers and millions of attendees spanning generations, its legacy is second to none.

Nicolle Cyrill