To the editor:

My friend is hurting. My friend is a small business owner. They recently told me, “The aid restrictions are too tight for business. The whole process has been so convoluted since the beginning; and I even checked again after the most recent aid package was aimed for small business.”

It pains me to see them struggle, when any given year they thrive. Like many, when they needed help, none was to be found. Meanwhile, legislators pay lip-service that they care for small businesses. Our representatives, both federally and in Indiana, have not done their best to look out for people like my friend. However, they are taking every opportunity to help large out-of-state corporations that are not struggling.

We need our legislators to stand up for our local Hoosier businesses. They give their all to provide much-needed work opportunities and expertise to the communities they live in. We must have aid readily available for these businesses trying to make it through this pandemic.

Join me in standing up for small businesses on March 23 on the steps of the Statehouse in Indianapolis. Hoosier Action is holding a “Reclaim Our Future: Vigil and Call to Action” from 11-1. Join me in this moment!

— Lane S. Fulton