To the editor:

A few years ago I regret not trying to get the word out on an important public meeting — the meeting where Council members voted to use taxpayer’s dollars toward the Environmental Impact Study for this road that no one wants. That meeting was pivotal as it put the Mid-states Corridor project on the table and unfortunately, only a few people were there representing the voice of the public. So now I’m writing to provide the public information on another upcoming meeting in relation to this project.

I see a lot of letters written lately on voting out the political officials who are in favor of the Mid-States Corridor. While we definitely should support the candidates that want to try and stop this road, I’m concerned the public still doesn’t understand the power that lies within the Regional Development Authority (RDA) that is overseeing the Mid-States Corridor project. The RDA is comprised of “appointed," not elected, officials so they are insulated from public opinion by design. We can’t “vote” these men and women out!

If you “google” Mid-States Corridor Regional Development Authority, you can find out more information about this topic and how we got to where we are today. This project goes way beyond Dubois County. These RDAs do have public meetings. Seems like they don’t publicize this information very well (perhaps that is also by design) but the latest information I found and confirmed by calling the Mid-states Corridor project office is below:

The RDA’s next meeting open to the public is scheduled for this Friday, 11/6/20, at 4 p.m. located at the Dentons Bingham Greenbaum LLP office at 212 W. Sixth St., Jasper.

I’ve heard many voices opposed to the corridor and many people have shown up to the rallies around the courthouse letting those in charge (whoever that might be) know that we will not be quiet and that we will continue to put up a fight against this road. Let’s join the RDA’s next meeting and let the “appointed” officials in charge of leading this endeavor forward SEE our faces and not just read our letters to the editor. Put it on your calendar, share this information with friends and neighbors, and I hope to see you there!

— Marisa Durcholz