To the editor:

Please, please, please tell your golfers of the Munie/Buffalo Trace Golf Course to be super careful. My House is by the fourth hole. We have a 6 foot fence, and receive about 13 golf balls per season.

Today, 5/29/2021, within inches, a ball almost went through my kitchen window and I'm at the table! It could have come through and killed me.

I opened the kitchen door and waited for the golfer, knew he would be looking for his ball by the fence. I said, "You came within inches of the house/kitchen window/me sitting at the table." He said he was sorry a few times, then said YOU can keep the ball and laughed!

Well, that wasn't the smartest thing to do. I called the clubhouse, told him to please talk to the golfers and put a sign up saying be super careful. We have had a garage window put out, dent in our swimming pool, and a dent in the siding of our bedroom window. Grandkids use the pool all summer. I sure don't want any deaths here from a golf ball.

We've talked to the (past and present) park department a few times and asked what we could do about the golf balls in the pool, etc, and the dangers. I have lived here since the golf course was built. We love where we live, just want the back yard to be safe!

—Barbara and Ron Rasche