To the editor:

I am moving out to this town and yesterday while going to look at our new house we are building in your town, my wife was hit while driving. The lady ran a stop sign and hit my wife's new car, which we just got no more than 18 hours prior and totaled it out. My wife had to go to the hospital and had a bruised shoulder. I didn't even get to drive the vehicle.

While talking with the police, which where very nice and helpful, I learned that this intersection has a lot of accidents because the stop sign/right of way was changed a couple years ago and this has created more accidents. What I don't understand is why aren't you doing more to try and reduce this? The red flags that were on the stop signs to try and alert people are faded and don't do anything to alert drivers of this change that has happened more than two years ago now. Can we not get a caution light up to try and do a better job of alerting people? What will it take to get a better awareness of this situation? Someone ending up dead from an accident?

If this does happen a lot why hasn't there been anything done? Even replacing the faded out red flags would have been proof that you guys take dangerous intersections seriously. I'm glad I didn't lose my wife and kids in this accident because the other driver hit them hard. Please help me figure out how we fix this problem.

This is the intersection of Chestnut and 14th streets in Huntingburg.

—Daric Huckelby