To the editor:

This mRNA vaccine could be the greatest leap in medicine in decades. Even the possibility of a cure for cancer looks promising through this new but highly untested method. Theoretically, it is brilliant and should perform well, possibly becoming a sort of panacea? But it is largely untested and mRNA vaccines have never been injected into a human before 2019.

Why haven’t the pharmaceutical companies begun processing the traditional dead virus vaccine with known outcomes? We have not been given a choice. Why? And, as stated in Dr. Hopf’s May 21 article in The Herald, stating that the La Jolla Institute of Immunology found that COVID-19-infected people experience eight months of “robust” immunity. Most of us already have the antibodies so, aren’t we overdoing this a bit? There are far too many doctors that disagree with much of what is being done and social media is stifling them.

It disturbs me that all liability has been taken away from the pharmaceutical companies. Why would this be necessary? Pharmaceutical companies admit that they do not know many important things about these new vaccines even if they might wipe out our immune systems or eventually cause cancer. This is the largest experiment in human history – WITHOUT A CONTROL GROUP in the case that the vaccine goes rogue and performs unintended activities.

I suggest that children and adults up to childbearing years be allowed the traditional vaccine — if any at all. Even if it takes a while longer to produce. No one can say with absolute certainty what will happen to children born of adults immunized with this experimental mRNA vaccine. For all we know, the vaccine may never last through the few minutes of body heat to perform at all. And, the antibodies are largely causing the drop in cases instead of the vaccine.

We are being bullied by airlines, theme parks and myriad other entities into taking it, but I forbid our children and their progeny be experimented on. Long-established safety procedures have been tossed out the window possibly opening a Pandora’s box of our worst nightmares should the cure become worse than the disease.

—John T. Huebner