To the editor:

The Texas legislature recently passed the “Constitutional Carry” bill. The bill allows Texans to carry guns without registering them, without undergoing background checks, and without proving they’ve completed safety training. Proponents of the bill argued that the text of the Second Amendment makes no mention of registration or background checks or safety training. Therefore, these restrictions on a precious constitutional right can be lawfully ignored. The bill passed overwhelmingly.

Let’s apply this dubious logic to the Fifteenth Amendment, section one. “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United Sates or by any state ...” That’s pretty much it. No mention of registration; no mention of voter identification; no mention of residency requirements or even proof of citizenship. These restrictions are an onerous burden on the most precious right we have as Americans.

So, let’s go Texans (and all you Republican led state legislatures). Get behind a “No Limits, No Excuses Constitutional Voting Act.”

—Scott Newton