Honorary cheerleaders

Madigan Matthews, standing, and P.J., granddaughters of the late Leslie Akers, were made honorary Blackhawk cheerleaders in her memory at the Jan. 7 Teacher Appreciation Night.

The Springs Valley boys basketball team members showed their appreciation for the faculty and staff at Springs Valley Community Schools during the Jan. 7 game against Crawford County for Teacher Appreciation Night.

Student athletes in grades 9-12 picked an individual who has encouraged, supported and had a positive impact on them during their time as a Blackhawk.

The selected staff were given a jersey to wear or display in their room. They were also invited to attend the game tonight and be recognized. These students recognized these staff members:

  • Kannon Chase — Jason Lowe
  • Conner Grimes — Derek Freeman
  • Carter Crews — Coach Rob Denbo
  • Mason Chaplin — Janelle Crews
  • Elijah Dixon — Zoe Zellner
  • Max Pendley — Kim Pendley
  • Xander Cook — Josh Weddle
  • Konner Chase — Kerry Lueken
  • Mavrick Land — Penny Harner
  • Larron Childers — Bob Greger
  • LaTravious Weaver — Darren Kerns
  • Jaheim Hamilton — Casey Bowles
  • Kaden Dunn — Greg Stephens
  • Kadon Lee — Sheila Cooper
  • Karson Dalton — Jess Roberts
  • Jenna Cates — Amanda Dalton
  • Deion Edwards — Taylor Chastain

Easton Burton — Mark Hammond

Damien Emmons — Chad Goldman

  • Evan Brown — Jadon Hinkle
  • James Walls — Darla Carnes
  • Tanner Phillips — Julie Woolsey
  • Kayce Jones — Luke Keller
  • Christian Hamilton — Julie Whitaker
  • Parker Chaplin — Bob Hounshell
  • Zach Lindsey — Henry Cruz

Springs Valley cheerleaders also recognized the late Leslie Akers, who was cheer coach from 1964 to 1994, as well as volleyball coach, accumulating 597 wins. Her granddaughter, Madigan Matthews, and great-granddaughter, P.J., were made honorary Blackhawk cheerleaders in her memory.