DUBOIS — Tell City’s freshmen and sophomores on the track and the field were able to showcase the talent they have now and for what could come in the future.

The boys as a team scored 206 and had a 112 point lead on the second place team, Springs Valley. Tell City’s girls team scored 154 points compared to Pike Central’s 108 who took second.

Girls events

The 100 meter dash for Tell City finished with two sophomores first in Emme Hoesli and Cambree DuPont. Both tied for a time of 13.4 which outlasted Kinsey Saliba of Springs Valley.

200 meter run finished with DuPont and Hoesli first and second with times of 27.7 and 28.3. Saliba took third place with a time of 28.7.

Isabella Cummins of Northeast Dubois won the 400 yard dash with Tell City’s Lanie Chestnut and Southridge’s Maya Anderson behind Cummins. Cummins’ time stopped at 1:07, Chestnut and Anderson tied for 1:08.9.

Maddie Graber of Southridge won the 800 yard dash with a time of 2:34. Lily Toothman of Tell City and Kaylyn Warner of Perry Central finished second and third with times of 2:42 and 2:46.

The 1600 meter run completed with Xavery Wiseman of Pike Central, Graber, and Tell City’s Lydia Hollinden third. The times of the top three stopped at 5:16, 5:41. and 5:59.

Weisman also won the 3200 meter race with Lexi Lain of Tell City and Spring Valley’s Sophie Harris second and third. The times of the top three include 11:30, 12:22, and 13:02.

Hurdles beginning with the 100 meter distance ended with Mya Hudson of Pike Central, Melinda Nordhoff of Northeast Dubois, and Pike Central’s Kenadie Houchins. Nordhoff won the 300 meter hurdles with Hudson second and Ally Franchville of Tell City third.

Relays ended with Tell City taking first place in the 4x100 relay and 4x800 relay. The Marksmen took second in the 4x400 with first place going to Pike Central. For the 4x100 relay, Tell City timed at 54.5. 4x400 time for Tell City stopped at 4:36.7, and the 4x800 finished at 11:14.9.

High jump ended with Jaylee Loveless of Pike Central and Tell City’s Addison Huber, Addie Coyle, and Southridge’s Victoria Vanegas tied. Loveless leaped to 4’7” with the tie occurring at a measurement of 4’4”.

Wiseman added another win in this meet by taking first place in pole vault for Pike Central with an 8’6” vault. Cummins finished second, and Toothman took third with 7’0” and 6’6” marks respectively.

Long jump went to Saliba for Springs Valley by having a mark of 15’0.25”, Emerson Hoesli at 14’11”, and Jenna Vogel of Northeast Dubois with 14’9.25”.

Shot put and discus completed with Ella Meehan winning both events. Meehan measured at 35’6.5” for shot put and discus with 92’9”.

Boys events

Tell City in the 100 meter run finished with Marksmen first and second place. Byron Meserve and DaVondrey Brown completed the run with times of 11.76 and 11.79.

The 200 meter run ended with similar results where Marksmen took the top two positions. Noah Terry and James Howard finished with times of 23.4 and 23.8.

Northeast Dubois’ Chase Wildman followed by Tell City’s Ayden Zuelly and Drew Schroeder rounded out the top three of the 400 meter run. Wildman timed at 54.1, Zuelly 54.4, and Schroeder 56.6.

Springs Valley’s boys team earned a first place finish in the 800 meter run. Carson Brown of Springs Valley took first place with Skylar Boyd of Shoals second, and Orrin Kaiser third from Tell City. The times for the top three include 2:08, 2:09, and 2:14 respectively.

The 1600 meter distance run completed with Boyd, Kaiser, and Trenton Roper of Tell City taking the top three. Boyd timed at 4:53, Kaiser 4:56, and Roper 4:58.

Tell City’s Alden Marion won the 3200 meter meet with a time of 10:10, with Blaine Barrett (10:36), and Andre Ayres (11:26) of Pike Central and Springs Valley second and third.

Hurdles finished with Zeke Zuelly and Evan Hagedorn of Tell City first and second in the 110 and 300 meter events.

Relays also finished with Tell City taking the top spot in each of them. The 4x100 relay group finished with a time of 45.2. Their 4x400 group completed a time of 3:44 and lastly, Tell City in the 4x800 timed at 9:26.

High jump went to Pike Central’s Ethan Mann, Northeast Dubois’ Adam Dooley, and Springs Valley’s Deon Edwards in the top three. Pole vault finished with Grant Boyd of Pike Central first at a mark of 13’0”, Mason Terry at 11 feet, and Southridge’s Heith Steckler and Briar Hardy tied at 10’6”. Long jump concluded with Springs Valley’s Christian Hamilton first, Pike Central’s Boyd, and Evan Baker of Springs Valley.

Shot put ended with Jesse Huff and Isaac Lindauer of Tell City first and second. Zackary Hembree of Northeast Dubois placed third. Lastly, Braxten Biever of Tell City, Hembree, and Huff finished top three in the discus event with Biever having a mark of 128’8”.