French Lick Town

Wenona Fossilman, Frank L. Hill (Deceased) and Frank Lee Hill (Deceased) toMichael Floyd Boudell Revocable Living Trust, Lots 15-17 in Nancy Hoggatt Addition.

Paoli Township

Shelly Avette Hamm to Juanita Meliah Hammes, AKA Juanita Meliah Terrell, acreage.

Kurt M. and Jessica E. Walls to Scott Rentals LLC, acreage.

Southeast Township

Michael W. Pierson to Michael W. Pierson and Rebecca S. Pierson, acreage.

Edward A. and Melissa C. Burns to Alex Renae Gyurjan, acreage.

Joseph P. Krabs to Brent and Cathy Inman, acreage.

Orleans Township

Kelly L. Schmitt to Jessica Elaine and Kurt Matthew Wall., acreage.

James Matt Toliver, Barbara and James L. Toliver (Deceased) to James Matt Toliver, acreage.

Orleans Town

Jesse R. Moore to Xavier R. Moore and Kimberly Anne Faye Rogers, Lot 22 in the Harry Burton Addition.

Orangeville Township

Danny E. Orr to Andrew M. and Beata N. Johnson, acreage.