Reader suspicious of vaccine

I read with extreme interest Dr. Beachy’s Letter to the editor (12/9/21 edition) and would like to elaborate on some of his nine points. “A reasonable person would be suspicious” when the VAERS site lists the number of vaccine-related deaths (as of Dec. 3) at over 21,000. (That’s more than the population of Bedford) While the Swine Flu Vaccine was halted in October of 1976 after three people died. Suspicious.

It was commendable that the good doctor never used the word “vaccine.” Though the word vaccine is still used by the media and DHHS, and the fact that the CDC, around 9/1/21, changed the definition of “vaccine” from something that “produces immunity” to something that “produces protection” from a disease. Suspicious.

1. Even as a virus is inherently apolitical, that hasn’t stopped politicians from exploiting it to a point where it is dividing the country. They and the media imply that everything President Trump did regarding the COVID response was wrong, so I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Beachy gave credit to Trump for Operation Warp Speed. Funny thing is, some of the very responses that were criticized by the media, are now seemingly OK when proposed by Mr. Biden. This, among other things, amount to “hypocrisy” and reasonable people are highly suspicious of this, especially when discussion of alternative means of therapy is not allowed. Suspicious.

2. As stated above, according to the government’s own site; VAERS, the shot can kill you.

3. The shot can leave you with disabilities (pericarditis, myocarditis, stroke, to name three) as well as the expectation of a measured drop-off in COVID antibody levels.

4. I am delighted that Dr. Beachy endorses natural immunity in his fourth point, something you don’t see here in the U.S. You can get “fact checked” or censured on social media for even mentioning it. But many European countries realize this fact, as has been proven by the (in)famous Israel study.

5. This is no way an attempt to disparage the doctor’s Ph.D. son-in-law; he’s probably a fine person. But do an internet search (not Google) of: Conflicts of interest between FDA and drug companies. Then read the results, especially the article about nine of the last 10 former FDA commissioners having gone to work for the pharmaceutical companies. Suspicious.

6. Many are paying a high price to get the shots: MPP Rick Nichols of Ontario recently addressed Parliament about the rising rates of stillborn children in the province, and asked the Minister of Health, Christine Elliot, the following question: “In the Waterloo area 86 stillbirths have occurred from January to July, and normally it is roughly one stillbirth every two months.” Mothers of stillborn babies were vaxed. And: the latest update to the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System happened Dec. 10, and there are now 2,893 fetal deaths in VAERS following COVID-19 shots for the past year, which is more fetal deaths following ALL vaccines for the past 31 years”-source:

7. Point number seven might be a good time to note the role nutrition and exercise play in the lessening of severity of the COVID disease. It would seem that those at the NIH would be exhorting us to better nutritional health, even if it didn’t line the pockets of Big Parma. “Disparities in nutrition or obesity are impacted by cultural background and closely correlated with severe COVID-19-related outcomes” (JAMA 6/2/20). If enough people take their nutrition seriously, it will decrease the chances of a serious reaction.

8. If you get the shot, you can still get COVID. You can still spread COVID. You can still die from COVID. You can die from the shot. If you don’t get the shot, all of the above still apply, except you can’t die or be disabled from getting the shot. Suspicious.

9. The shot’s efficacy was initially touted to be 99-100%. As time went on it has become evident that “efficacy wanes,” to put it mildly. Suspicious.

Dave Kintz, Paoli