Throughout the years Love Never Fails United Christian Church has become a symbol of faith in the Springs Valley community. All glory to God!

As I take a look back remembering how it all started in 2016 when Ray West allowed us to use his plaza space next to H&R Block to help us birth our ministry, I thank God for them because it was The West family who embraced Tracy and I along with our ideas for ministry as we first came to the Valley community.

It didn’t take long for us to grow out of our little storefront church. As we grew, the Nazarene church offered to allow us to utilize their former place of worship in West Baden Springs. That’s where we exploded into the outreach we have become today.

During Covid, LNF became the hands and feet for our community. Once again, Glory to God! He sent the people we needed to press forward into community outreach. Many of them came from other churches. That being said, thank you to all of you for stepping up and stepping out. Thank you, Springs Valley Nazarene, for allowing us to use your facility throughout these exciting and trying times. We couldn’t have done what we did without you.

Now for Chapter 3 of our church. As we continue to press forward in this blessed and beautiful community, we are excited to announce the new location of Love Never Fails United Christian Church located in the heart of downtown French Lick at 537 S. Maple Street. The first service was Nov.27.

Thank you Sarah Stivers for allowing us to continue to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ back into the most beautiful House of God throughout our Springs Valley community. Stivers and I seem to have something in common and that is the love for this community. We knew that is where our focus must be planted and that’s where we will continue to grow and be fruitful.