Here’s a resolution you’ll actually be able to keep this year. Read!

Reading is beneficial in many ways. The public library is here to help you on this journey. The staff at the Paoli Public Library encourages all ages to enjoy books full of wonder at the library as they explore their world. Our goal is to equip all readers with a lifelong love of reading. It is important that everyone has a good start on the road to reading, and it is a pleasure to be a part of that journey.

So, set your reading goal today. Maybe your goal will be to read 25 or 50 or more books by the end of the year. Maybe you want to try new genres — adding a variety of books to you TBR (to be read) pile, or focus on certain authors, or concentrate on that one genre you’ve always been a little hesitant to try. Now, with the new year leaving, it’s time to think about what you want your year of reading to look like in 2022.

This year, make your reading goal a super easy one. Here it goes: read one book every month this year. The benefits go far beyond simple enjoyment and amusement. You may find a new form of relaxation, a new way to relieve stress, and a great way to provide a break from the pressures of everyday life.

But you might ask yourself why should you read more, and why read books at all — isn’t scrolling on your phone enough reading? Here are some reasons to read a book.

It’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day. Especially after the busy holiday season, there’s nothing better than relaxing with a good book. In fact, research shows reading is one of the most relaxing activities you can do.

In desperate need of a vacation, but don’t have the budget for an Italian vacation? Try an armchair vacation — borrow yourself a brand new (to you) mini vacation — courtesy of your local library. Opening up a book is a fun way to experience many worlds — all from the comfort of your armchair! We don’t need research to tell us that good books can take us to an entirely new world.

You’ll learn something new. There are few things like the knowledge that comes from reading a new book, cover to cover, without wondering when an ad will pop up and distract you from what you’re learning.

Whether you want to read heartwarming stories, thought-provoking nonfiction or an edge-of-your-seat mystery, we’re here at the library to help you find your next favorite novel — and help fulfill your everyday reading resolution!