By Herald Staff

JASPER — The Dubois County Solid Waste District is holding monthly Saturday events for residents unable to use District Process Center services during the regular daily public hours.

This will be held on Saturday, April 10, from 8 a.m. to noon ET. Items normally accepted at the Process Center will be accepted during this time and all regular fees apply. Items accepted at the Process Center include electronics, appliances, household hazardous waste materials, fluorescent bulbs, cooking oil, large metal items and tires. Information on acceptable items can be found at and then by searching the 3R Waste Wizard or by calling the District at 812-482-7865. Unloading assistance is not available and residents should bring a helper if unable to do so themselves. All regular fees apply.

In addition to unloading their own items, additional safety protocols are in place. Residents are required to wear a face covering while on site, and to stay in their vehicle until the attendant has greeted them. One resident will be served at a time, so plan for delays.

Process Center Saturday is for Dubois County residents only. No businesses will be accepted. Although a large/bulky item dumpster is on site, large loads will be refused and referred to the Blackfoot landfill in Winslow. All items taken during this time are also accepted during our normal public hours of 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday, so residents are asked to reserve this event for those unable to come during those hours. All regular fees apply. The District Process Center is located at 1103 S. 350 W., Jasper.

Residents having large/bulky non-recyclable items such as mattresses, chairs and couches are reminded that the Ferdinand Recycling and Trash drop site located at 9781 S Ferdinand Road NW now has a large item dumpster as well, that is open Saturdays. See www. for information on items accepted at the Ferdinand Site.

Since the eight county drop sites are currently not taking some items due to their contactless COVID-19 precautions, the Process Center is also accepting magazines, books, batteries and film/bag plastic until the sites begin taking these items again.

The Process Center holds Saturday hours once per month through November. The next Saturday event after this one is Saturday, May 1.