HUNTINGBURG — Dubois County Airport Authority Board Monday continued discussion on a proposed new terminal at Huntingburg Regional Airport.

Airport Manager Travis McQueen and board members discussed the needs for the existing terminal building, revisiting the concept of a new terminal building discussed in November Board member Mike Cummings noted construction crews can’t commit to building it on the board’s timeframe and the airport board can’t commit to finance it right now at present.

Cummings said his main concern is not moving to a large project before first getting hard numbers to support it. He said if the board decides to move forward with a new terminal building project, the existing terminal should be kept for further potential use.

McQueen also discussed projects to increase revenue for the airport, such as renting out planes to the public for flight lessons. The board agreed to the plane rental proposal.

Board members discussed expediting a newly manufactured engine for their aviation training airplane. President Jim Huntsinger made the motion to go with a new factory-made engine for the aircraft, and with a second by Ben Schwenk, the board voted to approve the measure.

Curtis Brown presented information about two new congressional funding grants. Brown said if the board does plan to build a new terminal building, the grants could help fuel the project if the authority qualifies. Huntsinger suggested that until the board revisits the funding grants at next month’s meeting, Brown should immediately move forward with a proposal to begin on the new terminal project in case the board would approve applying for the congressional funding opportunities.