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FERDINAND — Linda’s favorite food to make is lasagna. Julie’s favorite TV show is “Friends.” Karen is bold, daring and unique. Becky can be found on the back porch during social gatherings.

Wish you could hang out with these moms? Unfortunately, you can’t.

But they can still be a hit at your parties.

The mothers described above aren’t actually mothers at all. They are flavors — the first varieties of a one-of-a-kind alcoholic beverage that was concocted in Ferdinand and will soon hit store shelves across Indiana and Kentucky.

Mom Water will be available for purchase in Dubois County liquor stores before the end of the year, if all goes according to plan. Unlike those adult seltzer drinks that have bubbled up in recent years, Mom Water is made with spirit-infused still water that contains few ingredients and no carbonation.

“It’ll be the cleanest thing on the market that we’ve been able to find,” said Bryce Morrison, co-owner and founder of Mom Water.

The idea for the brand stemmed from a trip that Morrison and his wife and fellow company co-owner and founder, Jill, took to the Dominican Republic a couple years ago. There, Jill tried passion- fruit-infused water for the first time and was hooked.

“I found myself not wanting to drink all the sugar-filled, fruity drinks available, so I made my own by taking a glass of the passion-fruit-infused water to the bar and asking them to add some vodka,” Jill writes on “The rest is history. Once returning home, we soon realized how hard this drink was to recreate so we fell back to our normal drinks.”

The growing popularity of lightly flavored hard seltzers “sort of solved the problem of taste and lack of sugar,” Jill writes, “but after drinking several on a hot day we would feel bloated due to all the carbonation.” And so she and her husband searched for a packaged solution.

When they couldn’t find one, they began making their own.

The two started mixing fruit-infused water and low-sugar vodka in 2019 and the drinks became hits at pool parties. To distinguish the spiked water from non-alcoholic bottled water, the Morrisons would scribble the word “Mom” on them so the kids wouldn’t accidentally grab one.

It then became their mission to make the drink possible in a ready-to-drink beverage. The four launch flavors were designed at a contract beverage laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky, and will be distilled and packaged at Maumee Bay Brewing Co. in Toledo, Ohio.

Mom Water’s ingredients consist of water, citric acid, grain neutral spirits and all-natural flavor extracts. Artificial preservatives and sugars are not used; the slender 12-ounce drinks each contain 90 calories and no carbs.

Bryce explained that keeping the marketing as light as the beverages was important. The pastel cans are bright and have a matte finish, and the flavor personalities are meant to be a tribute to moms. Becky is coconut mango, Karen is lemon blueberry, Julie is passion fruit and Linda is blueberry peach.

“The first thing we said was, ‘We want to be different,’” Bryce said of a conversation between him and Jill and a marketing company. “The drink is going to be different. It’s way different. There’s not even a category for it in the alcohol world right now. So, we want to be different in terms of the way it looks.”

More varieties could be offered in the future. The Morrisons both work locally in the health care field, and their goal is to get Mom Water to the point that it can sustain itself. They live in Ferdinand with their children: Trejan, 15; Jalen, 14; and Makenna, 10.