By Herald Staff

JASPER — Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb's newest executive order pertaining to COVID-19 guidelines shifted authority to each local health department to determine the overall size or percent capacity for social gatherings, events and extracurricular activities.

Based upon the overall spread of COVID-19 within the community, the Dubois County Health Department has decided to adopt the following recommendations:

• Capacity: Overall capacity limits of each gathering, event or extracurricular activity will be based upon the number of individuals the indoor/outdoor venue can accommodate while complying with social distancing requirements. Social distancing means maintaining at least 6 feet of distance between individuals from different households.

• Social distancing measures: Identify measures to ensure attendees engage in social distancing such as use of multiple entrances, designated seating, one-way flow of attendees, ground markings, distance between seating/tables, etc.

• Face coverings: Face coverings (masks) will be recommended for all those attending.

• Increased sanitation: Outline steps to ensure the event space is appropriately cleaned and sanitized, that high-touch areas have increased cleaning, and that additional handwashing or hand sanitizing is available.

• Guest information: Provide information to guests reminding them to stay home if they are sick.

• Compliance: Providing event staff or volunteers who will be available to monitor and ensure compliance with these recommendations is highly encouraged.