By Herald Staff

JASPER — A Wednesday accident in Jasper left three cars damaged and one person with a minor head injury.

Violet Miller, 37, of Jasper, was traveling south on Newton Street approaching the intersection of Newton and Seventh streets. Miller made a left turn attempting to pull onto Seventh Street in front of Kenneth Eberhardt, 52, of Jasper, who was traveling north on Newton Street. This caused Eberhardt to hit the passenger side of Miller’s vehicle. Miller’s vehicle was then pushed into the front of Debra Boyles, 63, of Jasper, who was stopped at the stop sign on Seventh Street facing west.

Both Miller’s and Eberhardt’s vehicles were unable to be driven, so they were towed. The accident resulted in a total loss of Miller’s vehicle, approximately $3,000 in damage to Eberhardt’s vehicle and approximately $200 in damage to Boyles’ vehicle.

Miller refused EMS on scene and was transported to Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center by a friend. Miller was cited for failure to yield the right of way.