The Jasper DeutscherVerein, Jasper Partnership Commission, and Sister Cities of Jasper, Inc. will celebrate German-American Day on Thursday, October 7th, with a dinner at the Schnitzelbank. The dinner and program will honor the contributions made by German immigrants to the life and culture of the United States. The annual German Heritage Award will be presented to an individual or group who has contributed generously his/her or their time, talents or resources to maintaining, improving, or building upon the German roots in Dubois County. The recognition is open to all individuals who give what they can in order to make a difference. A nomination will recognize the work of those who generously support our local German Heritage. Nominations need to be sent to German Heritage AWARD, P.O. Box 15, Jasper, IN 47547-0015 and should include a letter of up to one page listing the reason for the nomination, a biography, up to two pages, listing the service or efforts of the nominee along with the nominee’s name, home address, and whether the nominee’s service is voluntary or paid. The nominator’s name and address must also be included and must be postmarked by September 1, 2021.